About Us

We are part of the global Church family. We are located in a region near you.

We partner with the local church to help equip their young generation in knowing Biblical principles and values. It is possible to see in our events resources from multiple regions providing resources and support. We take pride in being gospel centered in our discipleship and teachings. Some of us are in vocational ministry, some in business, some in healthcare, and some in teaching. We bring a practical approach in teaching and discipleship so that there are real life examples for our audiences. Based on church preference we chose resources that fit the mold of the church and it's culture. 

Our Regions

Transformers Regions World Wide


We have been providing Biblical training and support to churches and organizations in this region since 2016. We have also been supporting other Trasnformers regions to develop and grow in resources and ideas. We have done multiple levels of discipleship and training for our volunteers and churches. Reach out to us so that we can partner in reaching our next generation.


After many years of coming to and doing events in different parts of Europe we now have a team here. We have done virtual and in person events in almost all cities in UK and some of the neighboring countries. Please reach out to us as we can help cater a custom tailored event based on your church need.

Middle East

We have been conducting in person and virtual events in Middle East since 2016. We have done events with registrations upto 1200+ registrations done virtually and or in person. We have lead regional and individual church events. We pray and chose which events to participate in. Our prayer is that each of our kids in Middle East have an ember of the gospel in their heart.

North America

We have been doing virtual events in North America since 2020 using Zoom. We have done events in US, Canada, and United Kingdom. We have also offered our material to churches that did not have a syllabus for their VBS. Reach out to us and partner in reaching our next generation

North India

We have been offering Hindi medium events since 2020. We can also do events in English as church's prefer. We offer in person (as each local law would allow) and virtual events.. We have also offered pre recorded events so that it can be viewed remotely in certain rural areas.

South India

Transformers started out as a ministry out of Thiruvalla in 2016. We have done in person events in almost all districts of Kerala and neighboring States. We have done State camps, conferences, webinars, and partnered with Christian channels to share our mission to reach the next generation.

Coming to a region near you!

You can reach us through WhatsApp on the number listed in Contact Us section.