We believe God has called us to impart God's vision to the next generation.

Transformers partner with the local church. We want to equip the church to be a child's primary source of Biblical instruction from God. We develop each years syllabus as gospel centered and missional in outlook. We are currently located in five regions and partner well with each other. At our events in a region, it is possible that we would have resources from other regions. We offer these events both in person and virtually as the local laws permit. Something unique to know about Transformers compared to other children ministry teams is that, at the end of each day of our session, we offer a family fellowship zone. This is one of our primary focus of any event. We have families come together at the end of each day of the event. We come before God in an attitude of worship and encourage families to pray together and for each other. We have seen God do wonders through this time of family fellowship. Every participant gets an opportunity to respond to an altar call and dedicate their life before God.

We have witnessed events where partipants accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as their Savior. We have also seen where participants commit to missions. 

Begining in 2021 we are now offering young adult and parent sessions. This we hope will bring the whole family, the whole church together to hear from God and be equipped by God. These sessions are focussed on the need of the church. We aim for the young adult and parents session's to be engaging where there would be opportunities to ask questions. 

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